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Sunday, January 11, 2004

General Cleaning

Fixed up my stuff in Oakland while Jep cleared up some cabinets. I went back to Fremont to help the family clean the house. Swept the floor, took down the curtains. Got bored and hungry and went to 7Eleven with the kids to buy some Munchos but there was none! So I just bought hotdogs and Ruffles cheese chips. Ate picnic style at the park nearby then played in the playground. The kids needed a push on their swings. It is also the last time they'll playing there. Went back to the house and got bored some more. Went back to Oakland with Liz, Nicole and Brandon to get clothes so I can sleep over in Tracy since Liz needed help fixing their stuff. As soon as I got to Tracy, I watched Mr. Suave. It was an ugly movie, so cheesy, but some parts were funny.


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