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Monday, January 19, 2004

Going Back Home

Today is a holiday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Kids have no classes and Liz too. I am in Tracy since saturday night. Woke up in the morning, cooked some macaroni and cheese for Nikki and myself (the kids ate too). I ate some cheesecake for breakfast (boy am I in trouble). We went to the park to play on the playground, volleyball, football, hide and seek, and dodge ball with Nikki, Brandon, Cian, Nate and Vince. Let Nate drive a meter on my car. He kept buggin' me about driving again and I said no! hehehe...Went back and Liz and I went to the mall. Bought some claw clips at Ross for .99 cents. Liz bought a robe and coloring books for the kids. Went back to eat dinner (Tita Luz cooked some afritada) and I was hecka full! Went to Barnes to look for Leanne, Lara and Nikki. Found them at Fun Factory with Ryan (ehem, wonder why? hehehe) Nikki was having so much fun playing and they all get free coins from Ryan. Such a nice kid. Leanne is very lucky. Went to the movies and brought Nikki while Leann and Lara went home. We saw Along Came Polly. Some parts were funny but I thought I wasn't THAT funny. Then drove back to Oakland and dropped off Nate and Vince in Fremont. Now time to rest...


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