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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Good Productive Morning

After bumming around the house for a few days now, I slept well and I woke up early coz Kuya Jon called and needed something notarized for his Las Vegas home. Went all the way to his workplace (which was a client of the firm I used to work for) to meet him. First time I saw his work, nice! Then we went to Liz's school to meet with her so she can sign it. She bought us toasted bagels and soda for breakfast. Then after that, I dropped off Kuya Jon again to work and went straight to Cal State Hayward to register. Registered for four classes and I start tomorrow already. Also went to the library to get a photo and my school ID. Talked to Liz who was gonna get me some albuterol at Kaiser (she is getting one for Brandon too and will get an extra one for me). My asthma is acting up for a week now and it is scary coz there are times that I have a hard time breathing, especially in the mornings and my medicine is expired and since I'm not working right now, I don't have medical insurance. I also bought this over the counter inhaler to help relieve me. Then went to Safeway to buy some napkins, hehehe. Went home to do my laundry and do errands. Yes, I do my errands at home. Will call to get car insurance. Also got invited to a party tomorrow - a friend Candy's birthday is being celebrated. But I'm not sure if I can go because I have classes at night. Will try though. I am excited to go to school tomorrow...Made a gruesome discovery through 21st Century and the mystery name Michelle de Leon with a Cypress address...

Went to see Monster with Bob starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. I was amazed at Charlize's performance. I could only say wow! She made the role so believable. And I couldn't believe the stuff that the two of them did! She is so convincing! The movie was also very good (consider the amazing acting) but the story was very disturbing. I was jumpy at some scenes coz I don't like watching violent movies. What people do for love, ayayay! Then we ate at Chevy's.

Mystery caller strikes again around 1 am in the morning calling 3 times and not answering but just listening...I know who it is...


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