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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

Party Time! But I'm not doing my usual new year tradition. Al and I used to go to SF Embarcadero for the countdown and to celebrate New Year, rain or shine. But its cool coz Kuya Jon and Liz prepared their usual New Year party! The last party here in the Fremont house before we move to Tracy. I'm glad that old friends showed up - Jep and Abs, Peng and husband Francis and Leana, her daughter; Anne and Dave; Mo and Cesar; Elizabeth; Bob; Liz's friends and family. Lots and lots of food too. Wish May and Randell, Ed and Michelle, Sandra and Garrett, George (who is known to be the ultimate notorious flaker), Sheila and Ramil, Michelle S. (who is on vacation in Spain), Dong (who was on vacation in the Philippines and would have been the life of the party), Noy (who just left for London 2 days ago and will be there for 3 months) and Michelle and Ryan and Mickey (who came from LA) could've made it. Got lots of gifts. Thanks all of you guys! You didn't have to bring anything. We watched The Medallion with Jackie Chan, sang some magic mic (my fave moment was when Peng sang Top of the World) and I got drunk coz Kuya Jon kept giving me Bailey's. Yummy! On the countdown, we turned off the mics, turned on the TV, watched the SF countdown with Gary Radnich (who Al and I saw a few years back, even had a picture with him), etc. and screamed Happy New Year! The adults threw coins while the kids rushed to pick it up! Now they're watching Jeepers Creepers 2 and are scaring themselves to death while continuing to scream!

Cian drinking beer? Relax, it's apple juice.

Jep and Abs singing a duet together.

Anne singin' while Dave supports her.

Shy Nikki finally sings Titanic theme.

My guests of honor, Mo and Cesar.

More guests, Francis, Peng and Leanna.


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