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Friday, January 16, 2004

Home Alone Again

I'm still trying to get used to this. I miss the kids but at the same time, I have quality time for myself. Wow. I was surfing the net again and responding to emails. The I decided to call Toshiba to find out what's wrong with my laptop. We fixed it and over the phone. I called them because it wouldn't start. I really thought I had to ship it. Paul, the Toshiba IT guy was so patient and nice that he told me step by step what to do and now it is fixed. I also didn't have my recovery disk so they are sending it in the mail as we speak. I will get my Windows XP within seven days because I didn't get it when I purchased the laptop (wink, wink). Anyways, I also adjusted the volume of Jep's computer because he was complaining about his speakers. Its fine, I tell you, better now that I adjusted it, hehe. I guess that's how bored I am. Talked to Liz for a long time (few hours maybe?) since she called and told me that she was in an accident the other day. Poor Liz. And the weird thing was, the day before, she just mentioned to her boyfriend that she's glad that she has a clean driving record. Now her BMW won't start. I think she'll have it fixed this weekend and is contemplating on buying a new car. I told her not to forget to call me when she buys her mustang so we can drive it around, hehehe.

After the conversation, I went out of the house and drove around the area. Saw Montclair and it reminded me of the Fillmore Street in SF. Kinda like Chestnut and Union St too. Then I went the opposite way to check out the Parkway Theater. They were showing Lost in Translation and Station Agent. I so wanna see the latter but I don't know anyone who would watch it with me. I even reached Lake Merritt and just parked to enjoy the site. It made me calmer. Then I went back, went on the internet and researched Parkway Theater. It so happened that the theater is not an ordinary theater. It is located in a sort of ghetto place but inside it has couches and tables with a restaurant menu of sandwiches to pastas to salads. And on Monday nights, couples can even bring their babies to the movies too. How cool is that! I wanted to watch but I missed the showing. So instead, I just went to the SF area to pick up my mail. When I crossed the bridge, the car in front of me paid for my toll fee. I didn't even get to thank them whoever they are. Got my grades from Cal State in the mail, finally! Man, can't believe it - I got straight As! 4.0 GPA baby! Somehow I feel sad that I can't share my brief moment of happiness to that someone that mattered most to me...


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