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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Lost in Translation

Nice movie. I liked it a lot. Twas funny too. The flirtations of two bored people lead to an impossible romance in another world like Japan where both characters are insomniacs and where everything, including the language, is foreign to them. Watched it at AMC 2000 in Van Ness with a friend. Scarlett Johanssen was just amazing and really cool. And I liked the soundtrack - My Bloody Valentine, Air and Jesus and Mary Chain are among the bands in the movie soundtrack. I'm glad I watched it.

Earlier during the day, I woke up around 8 am (then again I slept at 3 am) to resume packing and moving. Around 9 am, Jep came by to help. Then we all went Tracy, unloaded everything, went back Fremont to return the truck and clean the Fremont place. I was officially tired by the time I reached Oakland, sweated some more by moving my stuff to Oakland, relaxed a bit, took a shower and headed for SF to watch the movie. After the movie, went back to Fremont because Liz has called earlier asking me to sleep there because Elaine was there by herself and Christian wasn't going home. So I obliged. When I got there, there was no food and Christian came home so I just went back to Oakland. Discovered that I have no signal on my cell. Argh! But I had a good night's sleep...


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