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Monday, January 26, 2004

Nothing To Do

Wow, today I just slept like it was night time. And it felt good. Watched a lot of cable too. Bands Reunited featured Kajagoogoo which I wasn't really looking forward to see, but was interesting anyway and touching at the same time. Applied for a couple of jobs that I found interesting on Craigslist. Missed a couple of calls and returned them at night coz our signal here is just so messed up and I'm getting delayed voice messages. Sorry folks! Mystery caller (who ain't a mystery anymore) called a couple of times and left messages telling me to pick him up. The nerve! But when I finally answered his phone call, he hung up. Then he started calling again and again around 11 pm and left the same messages. I didn't answer. I am wide awake right now just watching a rerun of Bands Reunited, again.


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