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Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Sorry, haven't posted for awhile. I have been busy packing because we are moving to Tracy. I was just there the other day and I cannot imagine myself living there, with school starting again and all. And to me, it looked like hick country. I was also busy thinking, thinking, thinking. I will be missing concerts in SF most of all. And how can I take care of my book if I'm all the way there? Then again, I'm not even sure if it will be published anytime soon or ever at all. I am just waiting for the illustrator to finish his part and he is slowed down by his injury. Oh well. I am still thinking if I should move to Tracy. I went to church last Sunday looking for a sign and His guidance. Then again God's will be done. Now I am contemplating living with Jeff til I find my own place again. I will miss Nicole and Brandon if I do so. But I guess I can always visit. I saw Al and we talked about everything, the past, the present, our future. He was doing something to make this work and I'm glad about the effort. I am willing to give him another chance. I am so confused. Dont' know what to do, really.


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