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Friday, January 02, 2004

Slumber Party

First of all, happy new year! Annabel slept over today. My dad also passed by and gave me a gift. Liz's relatives slept over too. Me and Anne went to Barnes to check out the game Cranium. I mentioned the game to her and she was about to buy it but changed her mind. I was trying to convince her but we needed more players, hehehe. Then I showed her Tapioca Express so we can get some snow bubble and eat fried squid. Lots of people, it was packed with teenagers, hehe. A light snack coz there is still a lot of left overs from last night's party and I kept eating the whole day! Oh no! At night, we were gonna bond and drink some Bailey's and Smirnoff but we couldn't because the kids were buggin' us big time. Instead, we just played with them, watched the movie Lizzie Macguire, ate some more, baked Nestle Toll House cookies, ate Munchos (yum), and Anne read them the books Captain Underpants and I Love You Forever (such a nice story, very touching and the kids loved it). They were reading along then fell asleep. Thank God!


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