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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Ultra Sound

Today is ultrasound day for Abs. I just relaxed in the morning, surfed the net and set up Outlook Express to be configured to my server. Around 2, Jep picked me up to go with them to the hospital and have the car fixed. We picked up Abs and proceeded to her appointment. She had to drink 8 glasses of water. And she couldn't hold her pee anymore so she had to go! But she drank some water again. We then waited and went inside to see the baby on the monitor. She is so beautiful! She had a little spine, a little beating heart (and loud one too), little fingers, little eyes, and a yawning little mouth. How adorable! I almost cried. I can't believe Jep is gonna be a daddy. And I am so excited already! Anyway, he is trully blessed. After having the car checked, Abs was hungry so they brought me to this Chinese buffet place in Alameda. It was good. After dinner, we cruised around Alameda and Oakland because they wanted to show me the area. I had a different impression of Oakland before. Now that I've seen some parts of it, I like it!


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