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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Another Day in School

My class is finally over today. And I learned a whole lot. It was worth my money! Can't believe I can say that about school, haha. Anyways, I had fun too. But I start the second phase of my class next week. I'm excited too. I thought the Oscars was today. I was mistaken, its tomorrow...When I got home, Al was helping Mel put up the new storage room at the back. I think they went Costco. Anyway, our landlord is so cool! After all the work, they gave us dinner! Chinese food! And seafood - shrimp, fish fillets, veggies and chow mein! I was also watching William Hung sing on the internet. Yeah, I saw him on American Idol while Simon gave him the boot. Now he is a star appearing in shows such as Ellen, ET, etc. and getting featured on Live 105. Heard he has an album in the making. You go b-o-u-y!


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