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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Estate Sales

In the morning, we spent time going to church and going to moving sales that were posted on craigslist. I bought a Louie Vuitton bag (the style that I wanted) and a big powerpuff girl stuffed toy for 9 bucks! Then we saw another moving sale by Balboa in SF and bought a North Face windbreaker plus an italian style sofa (which included a very nice slip cover and 2 cool throw pillows) for 40 bucks! Around 2 pm, we headed to Fremont to pick up Nicole and Brandon from Auntie Bel's house. We then picked up Dvid, Christine's boyfriend, at his house closeby. Then we went to Tracy. Our purpose was to return Kuya Jon's van and get more of my stuff that's in storage but when we got there, Kuya Jon wasn't there and the storage was about to close too. We went to Walmart to have my car tires fixed. The wait was 3 hours so we, together with the kids plus Cian, went to the mall. As usual, they went fun factory and Ryan, Leanne's boyfriend who works there, gave them coins. When we left, the kids gave me a stuffed toy (awwww) and Brandon gave me a valentines kiss and hug (double awwww). Then we went to Hometown Buffet because we were sooo hungry. I ate my heart out and got a good portion of prime rib, hehehe. After all that, we hung out for a while at Tracy and then went home. We were so tired.


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