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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Flea Market

When we woke up, all of them were gone except Ate Elaine who had an injured back and Liz's parents. They all went to church. Nicole stayed and went with us to the mall. We also checked out downtown Tracy. We ate breakfast at Hometown Buffet and window shopped afterwards. We passed by Kaybee Toys which had a closing sale so everything was on sale. I bought a My Scene doll (Madison) for Nicole and a silver BMW toy convertible car (the collector kind) for her too. I bought a Saleen car for Brandon (it was a nice red one - wish I had a real one, hehehe). They were all below $5 bucks! Then Nicole wanted toy dollar bills last minute and it was on sale for .50 cents. Everything was such a deal. We then dropped off Nicole and hung out to see parts of the movie Mano Po 2 (they were all watching including the kids who were into the movie and I am still in awe that they understand tagalog). But I had to go to Jep who needed something notarized so we left. Too bad because Kuya Leslie was cooking Fettuccini Alfredo - darn! Anywayz, I was still kinda full because of the buffet. We then went home and I checked my emails. I was also trying to figure out how to escape this game:

I finally did it today! I almost gave up (well I did until I got clues from people - thanks Dino and Ida!). We left again to go to the flea market in Oakland. It was cool coz we got a lot of free stuff the last minute when people were packing up. I guess the owner just wanted to get rid of her stuff and didn't want to bring it anymore. I got a lot of nice stuff toys (Elmo, Dennis the Menace, Raggedy Anne, Arthur, Where Wild Things Are (and a bag too), and 2 nice teddy bears. I also got a white area rug (something that I have been looking for in Craiglist for a long time) and I was sooo happy! Coz when we went Tracy, we were gonna get some of my stuff but the storage was closed and my area rug was being used at Ate Yoli's house (its okay with me). Al bought this green army jacket for $5 (we saw a similar one at Old Navy earlier in the mall for $50). He wanted that so he can wear it at the British Sea Power concert. I saw a black tie too for Al, a silver knick knack container, and a nice wooden pail. There was this massive crowd of people when the seller was shouting 'free, free!' Anyway, I am happy! Then went to Jep's to notarize Ab's papers and gave him an oath. Ate Popeye's for dinner.


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