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Friday, February 27, 2004

Friday At Last!

It's really not a big deal for me, because unlike other people, my Friday is a Monday to me. That's when I go to school - Fridays and Saturdays. Yup, I have no weekends! It's okay though, school is more important. And I had a blast. Although early today, I was kinda bummed coz Al had his tantrums again like a little kid. And it was worse that the past days. Then I found out that he just wanted attention. Yup, just like a little kid! Hehehe. After school, I rushed to Bottom of the Hill to meet Al and his friend Rod at the British Sea Power concert. I missed their opening act Citizens Here and Abroad but its okay because I saw them twice already before. But I was able to see their other opening Kaito, although even if I missed it, its okay, coz I saw them already when they opened at Bimbo's. Then again, I saw BSP already too. The only reason I'm watching it again is because that's Al's favorite band. Anyhoo, I like all three bands, Kaito most especially. Al bought this BSP poster too (yup, he's an official BSP fanatic!). And Hamilton, one of the band members remembers him. He even asked where I was and I quote, 'I remember you guys from our last gig. Where's your wife?' I took a picture of Al and him the last time they were in SF which wasn't a sold out show then. This time it was a sold out show and the gig is also part of the noise pop festival in SF. They also had a free concert at Amoeba on Haight St few hours before the show. Al also hung out with the band and smoked and chatted with them too. Yup, told you, BSP fanatic, although its funny how they approached him instead of Al approaching the band, hehehe. Anyway, after the concert, he got the set list (again). Yup, definitely a fanatic!

Here's are pictures of the band BSP at their energetic and outrageous Bottom of the Hill concert:

BSP frontman Yan with his tamborine.

British Sea Power getting crazy on stage.

Yan sitting on stage at Bottom of the Hill.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have'nt thank you for this concert, so here it goes...
THANK YOU for this wonderful concert with BSP. I really enjoyed it.

Love you....Al

12:45 AM


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