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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Gloomy Day

Yup, it is gloomy outside. No hint of sunshine. It even hailed last night. Anyway, I just stayed in and went on the internet the whole day. At the same time, I was channel surfing. Saw 'Sneakers' on TBS. I almost forgot about that movie, one of my faves then, because it had a good cast esp. River, hehehe. And the setting was in the Bay Area! I distinctly remember the Dumbarton Bridge when I first watched it. So now, every time I cross the Dumbarton, I try to listen for that concrete gap sound, hehehe. Anyway, also saw a cover of the White Stripes song Fell In Love With a Girl. Instead, the title is Fell In Love With a Boy sang by Joss Stone in a jazzy/rnb sound to it. Not sure if people like and appreciate her interpretation, but I just thought it was funny. Sorry fans.

Also, PacBell, oh excuse me, SBC guy was just here to fix the wiring on my telephone line because I can hear annoying static...After a few hours, he finally fixed it. Phew! Good thing it was an outside problem or else I would have to pay. Al was being mean again today so I told him to cool off in the living room. Thought he wouldn't cool off but I heard him wash the dishes...


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