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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Laundry Day

Yup, finally did my laundry after who knows how many days, weeks, months, years! (just kidding) Anyway, while I was doing laundry, Al was helping Mel put the cable through their side of the house to our side. They drilled our ceiling, went back and forth home depot, smoked together and bonded - while I was doing laundry! And I think it was 8 loads too! Ahhhh...It's okay, it wasn't THAT bad, hehehe...At night we were gonna go Popscene to check out the band Snow Patrol but I went to Oakland the last minute to get my stuff from Jeff. When I got home, they weren't done with the cable and it still didn't work! Boo hoo...Few hours before that, I got a free TV in San Bruno c/o Craiglist. Thanks again Craigslist who hooked me up! Woohoo!


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