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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

More Craigslist

Woke up early this morning to pick up a wicker chest at Russian Hill. It was nice, and I made it into a center table. Al and I got hungry so we went to Noriega to eat at Lanna Thai because I was craving for some fried ice cream - yup fried ice cream and its heka good with caramel on top. I think I'm craving again. I also dropped off Al at home and made a quick stop with a friend at Salvation Army to look for funky vases that'll match the chest. And I found one for .99 cents! Cool! Then at night, Al and I went to Oakland to pick up a gray office chair that'll match the computer table. Then we ate Vietnamese food for dinner at Skyline Plaza. We were gonna get another computer desk from Jeff's friend but decided to do it tomorrow since its too late.


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