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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Moving Again!

Wow, I haven't written on my blog for the past days. I was sooo busy moving - moving back to DC, moving back with Al. We will work this out once again and so far so good. I am praying so hard for this to work and I can see his efforts. Of course, I am trying my hardest too. So far, we have been trying to get stuff from craigslist so we can settle in our new home. Its really nice, newly renovated in-law apartment with a kitchen that has a silver and black oven, ref and microwave. Cool. We went Ikea the other day to buy some cheap but nice stuff. Yup, we are starting from scratch. And I must admit, I got excited again. A little scared and skeptical but I gotta believe. Our place is getting there and we have been lucky to get some stuff. Got our bed and a nice desk from this nice guy at Hayward for free. Thanks to his posting on Craigslist. Just got home to get a receiver and CD player in San Francisco for free too. And of course, we are stacking up on food. We still need more but we have the basic necessities so far. Just got my phone hooked up today and we still need cable. Our landlord said he'll fix it on Saturday. Nice landlord too. We saw the ad for rent at Pacific Super and called him right away. When he opened the door, Al and the landlord knew each other by face, not by name though. I think they met sometimes before (years ago) while working or something. Then they started talking and they knew the same people. Cool! Liz met the landlord already when I was showing her the place. She likes it. To be able to pick up all the free stuff (and others), we needed to borrow kuya Jon's van.


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