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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


That pretty much describes my day today - nothing to do! I was bored today. I spent the whole day on the internet surfing and checking emails. Got a message from my friend May who was inviting me to the christening of her daughter but I just couldn't make it with the schedule of my classes being on saturdays. Oh well. If only the reception was at night. I am bummed because they will be having a 10 course meal. How can I miss that! Anyway, I was also chatting via email with my 'ol buddy Ed who's probably bored at work, hehehe. We just had a conversation about how radio stations nowadays have no originality anymore and are corporate, whereas the underground stations are worth listening to but their lo frequencies push away some listeners. I also mentioned that some guy was selling a pirate station at Craigslist for 500 bucks! And he will help you set it up too. Too bad I don't have 500 bucks. That would've been soooo cool...For dinner, Al cooked langonisa and eggs. Yes people, for dinner, and it was good!


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