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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Oscar Night

I'm watching the Academy Awards right now. And its funny how I have watched most of the films nominated this year and when I saw them then, I wasn't expecting them to be nominated because most of these movies were low budget indie films. Only a few theaters were showing them then. Anyway, I'm just glad that these movies were recognized and nominated. I was especially happy to see Pieces of April, City of God, Lost In Translation and In America nominations. Then again, I know Lord of the Rings will win which I hope for too. And Charlize in Monster, the lead character in which I thought she did sooo well...Billy Crystal is just hilarious! I like the Annie Lenox moment when she sung the song from Lord of the Rings Return of the King. And she won! I actually enjoyed watching the show. Very good films this year. And I was hoping Sean Penn would win (which he did) coz he deserves it - really a great actor - and that scene where he was shouting "Is that my daughter in there?!?" I had chills... Mystic River was a really good movie. I still need to see Triplets of Belleville which I've been wanting to watch, and Girl With a Pearl Earring which I've been meaning to watch but keep postponing. I was switching channels to E! during the red carpet walks and I was laughing when some of the actresses were just dissing and ignoring Joan Rivers! Oooh, that hurt!


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