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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Portfolio Proofread

I was trying to look for my own place today, with appointments in San Mateo and Oakland. The one in Oakland was just plain scary and ghetto. No wonder it was cheap. In San Mateo, the location and neighborhood was nice but the place was small. I wouldn't mind but for the price, I wouldn't take it. For dinner, a friend and I ate at Thai Express on sixth street. We were originally gonna go Tu Lan but to our shock and disappointment, they were renovating. One of the workers were there and he said hi and still remembered us. One of the reasons why I like Tu Lan aside for its excellent food. Thai Express was okay, but I've tasted better. We were just talking about how Thai Noodle on Geary was better. We then checked out the new Bayanihan/Delta Hotel building on 6th where pinoys dwell and it was nice. Just passed by though, slowly. At night, I tried to proofread and make minor adjustments (such as rollovers) on my portfolio site. Slept at 3 am!


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