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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Stormy Weather

We woke up watching the news about the storm. We had power failure early in the morning. There was flooding everywhere - they showed Westlake being flooded which was funny to me - reminded me of the Philippines - there were rescuers and officers on rubber boats rowing, hehehe. Anywayz, even though it was raining, we went to San Jose to pick up this 27" JVC TV, but when we got there, the TV had a flaw - it had one white line across, and I didn't want to deal with that. But the owner did have 2 nice white chairs that would match our couch. So we got that and fixed up the living room. Now its nice, but it needed a finishing touch. I am thinking candles, or more vases, a clock, or a framed picture. We got the perfect item from Kyun in Colma, a small varnished bamboo screen, really nice! I just thought it could fill up an empty side of the wall since all my stuff is in storage. Ate lunch at Goldilocks coz I was craving for silvana. This day was also kinda sucky. Al was pissing me off with his temper. I almost gave up! He was hecka loud and vulgar and very impatient. He probably is PMS-ing. Good thing we now have cable (finally) so he was able to watch and cool off. The landlord was just here to fix it - he tested it upstairs since it wasn't working yet and discovered that he used the wrong splitter. We also went to Holy Angels church around 6 pm for Ash Wednesday. Anywayz, all's well. But I'm still kinda pissed off..and thinking...


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