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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Haha, did my errands today. I'm still bored though. Al and I went to the post office to pick up my mail and pay my box; went to the bank to deposit and get some money; went to the library to borrow some DVDs; ate dimsum at King Wah; went to DMV to change my address and mail letters; went to Buffalo Exchange on Polk; went to 7Eleven to buy Munchos since I was craving; went to Salvation Army at SSF to buy the following: a black Kate Spade bag (I have an exact same one already but I bought it coz it was only $4 - bought my other one at a flea market in Oakland for $1 and am giving it to a friend since I got another one), a small Burberry bag for $4, a cute small Pooh stuff toy from Disney for 50 cents (although I have a bigger version already that Al bought for me in 1997 at Disneyland), a Spongebob Squarepants stuff toy for a dollar, a pair of cool bulldog style Rockets leather shoes for $5, and a nice customized silver BMX bike for $20 for Al. And the pinay lady at the counter gave us a discount - how nice of her! That really made my day! I was happy with the bike! Hecka cheap! Anywayz, I wanted to buy this dark purple rug to match my throw pillows in the living room but it was so expensive! They were selling it for $25! I'll just buy a new one at Ikea. At night, I cooked nilagang baka for dinner. Yummy! I am still surfing Craigslist for free stuff...


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