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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Back to DC

Today, we were supposed to go fishing but while waiting for Kuya Jon to come from church, everybody else wanted to watch a movie. So we were divided on what movie to watch. They wanted Dawn of the Dead and since I can't watch scary movies, we opted for Starsky and Hutch. We wanted to see Eternal Sunshine but they didn't have it in that theater. They didn't have much selections but I kinda wanted to see Snoop Dogg act. I thought he was funny. The movie was funny. The kids enjoyed it. When we got home, Kuya Jon was sleeping. So I guess the fishing gig is postponed. So we just went to the nearest Filipino restaurant to buy food to go, go to the park to have a picnic, and then play tennis while the kids can play on the playground. We had fun. Another QT time with the kids. At night, Kuya Les was bbq-ing some hamburgers and we hung out the back of the house. Yummy! Ate while everyone was watching the wedding of Assunta de Rossi and Jules Legaspi on TFC. After that, Al did a showdown with the kids on dance moves. I was amazed at him! I didn't know he could dance so well (and sometimes he had funny moves) at his age of 34! He was breakdancing, struting, etc, etc and he was cool. He seemed like ke was dancing modern moves. I asked him about 'the worm' move and praised him and he said 'That really hurt, I guess I'm old.' Haha, that cracked me up. The kids, who could dance so well, copied his moves and of course, Al won the showdown. Then we went home. As soon as we went home, the phone rang and our landlord asked us if we just got home and where we were and stuff. We told him we slept over two night in Tracy and he said that we just missed his wife's birthday celebration yesterday. Denggit! Oh well, maybe next time...You know what else I missed? The showing of the documentary Imelda in San Jose as part of SFIAAFF. And I bought the tix already. I alarmed my cell to remind me of the event but didn't hear it earlier enough to make it in time of the movie.


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