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Monday, March 29, 2004

Day of Repentance

Al just had an interview earlier today in Burlingame. We are hoping that he gets the job. We drove to Sacramento afterwards so we can apply for this other job since we are moving near the area. I should change my last name now to reflect my married name (never carried it) coz it'll sound funny. The day wasn't so cool that it irritated me a bit. So we had to stop over for some soda to cool down. Then we went SF at 44 Gough to try to apply for more jobs (but we didn't get around to filling out the apps). We were tired when we got home, but then my cell alarmed, reminding me of the confession event at St. Andrew's. They had a special service today (in preparation of Holy Week I guess) and there were 12 guest priests present to do the confessions. I can't believe Al and I went after so many years. It's been 15 for me and 20 for him. And I've never felt so good (I wish I could go again coz I couldn't really think straight when I was on the hot seat). And I didn't realize that it was going to be an open confession. I was embarrassed at first. I was crying, and my penance was three holy week masses, including Easter. When we got home, Al cooked dinner while we watched Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? on DVD (I haven't seen it yet). The other day, we saw Gosford Park and Al was sleeping through it. Hahaha. I was sleeping in some parts (I guess I was tired that day). But I liked both movies. And we just borrowed them from the library for free. I also borrowed a few CD's that I was planning to burn - the new Belle & Sebastian, the new The Strokes album, India Arie, Justin Timberlake (hehe) and The Avalanches' Since I Left You album (I think they're Pinoy). I'm returning them tomorrow.


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