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Friday, March 05, 2004

Embarrassing News

I have been receiving a lot of FPJ jokes in my email lately. Is the Philippines getting worse? Anyway, the other day, I was watching some show (or I think it was the news) and they interviewed this guy from Newark who had a family and vacationed in the Philippines with his brother who bought a million dollar house. They were captured by the NBI because they were suspected of being members of the Al Quaida or Abu Sayyaf or something. It so happened that he was detained for almost a year in a small cell with his son. How terrible! And to top it all off, the Philippine government paraded them in the media and asked Bush for some money for their capture since they assisted in capturing terrorists. It so happened that the accusations were false so the FBI (who did not find any evidence anyway) help them set free. How embarrassing!


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