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Monday, March 22, 2004

Eternal Sunshine

Woke up coz Liz called and asked us if we could go to Tracy to help her get stuff from the storage. When we got there, she was done already so we just helped her out with cleaning and organizing Ate Yoli's kitchen. It was nicer and more spacious afterwards. Picked up Nicole from school. She was so happy that we did and jumped towards Al and gave him a long and nice hug. It was a surprise. And we kept promising but we also kept forgetting. This time we delivered. Anywayz, Kuya Jon also lost his keys to the van so we helped him out, just to learn that Kristine found it upstairs coz she used it without asking for permission. We hung out some more, shopped with them at Costco, helped the kids with their homework, and read books to Nicole too. We were set to watch Eternal Sunshine in Dublin but Liz wanted to see Taking Lives which I didn't want to see. We finally convinced her. I loved the movie! I thought Gondry's style was very effective in portraying some scenes. A must see - definitely! I wanna buy the movie! Oh, and Kate Winslet had an American accent...


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