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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Going Fishing

Al, Kuya Les, Cian and Brandon played basketball in the morning. Kuya Jon wanted to go fishing so we were set out to do so. After the gang came back from their basketball game, Liz wanted to go Goldilocks so we had to drive back to Fremont just to go there. She also went grocery shopping at Island Pacific. By the time we went home, Kuya Jon and Kuya Les and the kids were done fishing. Bummer! I heard that Cian caught a huge fish. But it took longer for them to look for the lake in Tracy. At least now they know where its at. At night, Lee ann's boyfriend, Ryan, hung out. Al did some tricks to everyone that amazed them. That I'll-guess-what-you're-thinking-and-I'll-write-it-down-game and the card guessing trick were such hits with the kids. But I wonder why at the end, Al revealed how to do the tricks. But at first Ryan was amazed. When they found out, everyone was like 'ooohhh'...hehehe....I was just happy that Al and the kids had fun quality time.


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