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Sunday, March 14, 2004


Oh boy, I am having the worst headache ever! I need to catch up on my sleep. I tried earlier and couldn't sleep straight because Al kept buggin' me. But that's okay. He was just bored (and hungry). So I woke up with this massive headache. Still have it. Anyway, it was such a wonderful day today. Went to church at St. Mary's Cathedral per Al's request. I haven't been there for years! So I said yes, for 'ol times sake. We used to go there regularly when we weren't married yet right after he picks me up from work (I used to work graveyard shifts when I was in my early 20's). Then we would have breakfast. Al remembered the donuts though, hehehe. He remembered that there used to be donuts in the hall after the mass. They don't have that anymore. The mass was so solemn and the choir, as usual, gives me goosebumps. I wanted to clap my hands and give them a standing ovation every time they sing but its a mass, hehehe. The acoustics of that place is just perfect for them. And I keep staring at the ray-like crystals and the pipe organ. Just amazing. To keep the Sunday morning mood going, we drove around scenic San Francisco (not the city) and parked at a dock near Crissy Fields. It seems that everyone was out today. People were sailing, having picnics, jogging, biking, hanging out, hang gliding and flying kites. We passed by California Legion of Honor and they had an Art Deco event going on. Parking was also full at Baker's Beach and other beaches as well. Such a nice day!


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