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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Job Hunting

Woke up early today with plans to agency hop in SF. Al brought with him a few copies of his resume and off we went to 44 Montgomery. We went to four temp agencies, thanks to the two great security guards of the building who tipped us on their locations. They were so nice and funny that they made our day. I asked for the technical division too but it wasn't in that building, although the agencies were kind enough to give me info. It was a very nice day today too, a very nice day to walk. We then ate at Tu Lan since we got hungry, and then went to 44 Gough. Yup, that's the number of the day, 44. We then checked out St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop hoping that they would be selling funky black or gray rugs. I miss my area rugs when we were in Westlake. I was also looking for cool but cheap framed art as well. I didn't like the place, so Al recommended Salvation Army on Mission. I kinda liked the shop there. It was huge and had a lot of selection, although it seemed stinky to me. But I did buy these Chinese Laundry sandals similar to the ones I had before for $4! I was happy and wore it right away. Since we were in the area, Al wanted to check out some used SLR cameras so we passed by this camera store in Valencia (one of his favorite SF streets) but they ware expensive, and the cheap ones had some defects. The owner tipped us on this pawn shop few blocks away. But when we went there, they were expensive. I'd rather buy new one at Costco for the same price. Then, of course, we went to Mitchell's. Yum!


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