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Thursday, March 11, 2004

The Mystery of Time and Space

Wow, I didn't sleep until 6 AM today. Maybe I couldn't sleep because I am supposed to start on a new job today but I am thinking of passing the opportunity. I wanted to work in downtown San Francisco and my friend hooked me up but I didn't expect them to call so soon. Anyhoo, I couldn't sleep thinking about what to tell them and my friend. I also was trying to finish this online game (similar to the Crimson Room but with more levels) that I received on my email - The Mystery of Time and Space. I finally finished it around 6 AM and without cheating! Woohoo! Took me the whole night. This morning, Al tried it and he had it easy coz he was just asking me questions when he is almost giving up. Unfair! Hehe. In the afternoon, one agency called us and we have an appointment on Monday. Few minutes after that, Liz called and told us that Kuya Jon went home early from work so we can go to the storage in Tracy. So we went Tracy and I finally got my PC! Yipee! Great day today, sunny galore! I also got more of my pillows and framed photographs from storage. I left most of my boxes though since we were gonna transfer there 2 months from now. At night, I watched The Apprentice while fixing our room. I am finally satisfied! Watched the second part of Diana's tapes. It's so interesting. I didn't know she went through all what she is saying and was involved with the Royal family's exposure. Whoa!


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