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Monday, March 08, 2004


Oh boy, here we go again...We went shopping today at Ikea when I swore I wouldn't spend anymore. Liz called us and said that she wanted to go so we met her at Fremont. Kuya Jon, Ate Annabel and baby Keith went with us. They bought some stuff. We bought the same stuff we had before when we were in Westlake except that we lost it and are replacing it with new ones - tea light glasses, a silver lamp, a door mat and a small gray ceramic vase. They all bought some Swedish chocolates too since we were there and they were hecka good! Then we all drove to Tracy and hung out for a while. I was watching TFC which I kinda missed since I haven't watched for several months already. Found out about some political dynasties in the Philippines in the show The Correspondents. Going back home, we were sound tripping new wave music in the car. Haven't heard them for a while...


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