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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Soundcheck Winner

It is a perfect Sunday just as Al said. We went to church in the morning at St. Andrew's. Watched movies on cable and just snuggled after. Saw Parenthood, Sleepless in Seattle, Overboard, Never Been Kissed, Bring It On and Notting Hill. Just before the last movie, we left to drive around North Beach to buy some buffalo wings and chips. But to our dismay, the store next to Pasta Pomodoro on Union Street wasn't there anymore! We were wondering where we can eat original buffalo wings coz most of the stores claim they serve buffalo wings but they taste more like barbeque wings. Driving back, we were listening to our favorite radio program Soundcheck and they were giving away tix to see The Sounds at Great American Music Hall, one of my fave venues. They asked the question where the band originated from, and I sooo knew the answer so I kept calling but the lines were always busy. Finally, I got through after several calls (Al told me not to give up) and someone answered. I told them they were from Sweden and they said I won! They were gonna put my name on the guest list! We were so happy...Al was yellin' like a little kid, ecstatic about the free concert.


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