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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Tax Time

We finally filed our taxes today. And the good news is, we are getting a refund! Woohoo! Rosa, our tax preparer in H&R, was just great! She helped me with whatever tax credit I was eligible for. I also noticed that they changed their logo. We got so hungry after so we ate at Lanna Thai (again) hoping that they would already have some fried ice cream but they still ran out! Bummer! We were so craving for it. Anywayz, we ordered their custard instead which was also good. Then we drove around Great Highway and stopped by windmill with a beautiful tulip garden next to it just to take pictures. A lot of people were just hanging out, some riding their bikes and kids playing in the grass. It was such a pretty sight. Then we went to Kabuki Theaters to buy SFIAAFF tickets to see Imelda. We had to wait in line and some movies were already sold out. But when we finally reached the ticket office, the documentary that won the Sundance award for best documentary was $40 for each person! It was expensive but that event included a party. I asked them if I can purchase the tix for the screening only and they said I have to wait in line minutes before the actual event. Oh well. So we just bought tix for a shorts program which included Bampinay by Matt Abaya, who was also my classmate in Proseminar at SFSU. After that, we went to the SF library. I renewed my library card and borrowed the first 2 seasons of Queer as Folk on DVD. Al borrowed this book, Touching From a Distance. Then we went home to do laundry. As soon as we were done, Al cooked longanisa and eggs for dinner (hehe) while I cleaned the room and organize the cable wire which was just everywhere. Then we both folded clothes after I washed the dishes. Watched The Apprentice and I'm glad Donald Trump finally fired Amarosa, hehehe. Then we watched Diana's Secret Tapes and it was such a revelation. My gosh!


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