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Friday, March 19, 2004

Tracy Trip

I have no classes this weekend so we decided to drive to Tracy and sleep overnight. We also promised Nicole that we would do that. Anyway, earlier during the day, Al wanted to walk so we walked at the ovals in Westmoor highschool. Just a few laps then we were tired. Like the walking is gonna help me loose weight. Haha. Yesterday we walked Lake Merced but the problem was, we keep inhaling smog from cars passing by. It was better at the ovals coz its far from the streets and not a lot of cars pass by. Anyway, we then went to San Francisco to pick up this nice black office chair that we got from Craigslist again for free! We are getting rid of the old one because there was some problems with it. Then we went home to prepare for Tracy. Were the kids glad to see us! We also went to the huge 99 cent store and checked it out. Went to the mall so the kids can play at Fun Factory and so we can drive Elaine and the kids to the mall.


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