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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Union Square

It was such a nice day today - sunny yet a bit breezy but not too breezy. I was in the union square area having lunch with Sandra and her friend Alice. Al was with us too. We ate at Tempura House which is a block away from her workplace. We talked about life, why I still don't have kids (which I really don't know why), her being pregnant and showing more (than the last time I saw her), Jessica Simpson and her show (imagine us laughing so hard at her being so naive and spoiled), work and our pre-grad times and classmates in SFSU. Ordered a typical bento meal with tempura and teriyaki, walked back to her work after lunch to meet her boss while Al walked around union square (unfair) and hung out at Borders. I was a nervous wreck. Went in for an interview for a temporary job to replace Sandra while she goes on maternity leave. Not that I need a job but sometimes I get bored at home. And its only temporary anyway. I thought her boss was very accomodating and intelligent (so I got intimated) and he introduced me to one of the partners of the firm. I also showed him my portfolio and what I can do for their business. Not sure if he was impressed though but he did ask me tons fo questions. I don't have this confident feeling that I'm gonna get hired. Oh well. I went home still thinking about what I should have said differently or what I should have done more or what I shouldn't have done. Then again, that's me, worrying too much again! At night, we went back to San Francisco and walked around the downtown area to take more photos. At night, we got so hungry that we ate at Tu Lan. We were so happy because we waited for them to open again after renovating! I added some more photos on my portfolio so check it out again by clicking here.


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