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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Van Woes

We planned to relax today after driving around for the pass 4 days and we kinda missed our place. Then, just when we were about to go to Goldilocks and buy a cake for our landlord because we missed her bday, I checked my messages and Kuya Jon called about an emergency. I got alarmed so I called him right away. His van broke down and he didn't go to work today while Liz was with her friend. Anywayz, we went Goldilocks, dropped it off really quick to our landlord's, and then drove really quickly to Fremont. Then we dropped them off to the train station and then hung out for a moment to check it out. First time I saw the Ace train. Lots of people were riding it and it was the last scheduled train. So off they went and since we were in Fremont, we passed by this Filipino restaurant called Maharlika coz I wanted Al to try it. The owner/cashier/cook was hilarious. He had sarcastic jokes to his customers.

Customer: Are you gonna give me suka for the chicharon?

Owner: No! I'll give you clorox with sili. Are you gonna use it for dipping or drinking? [we laugh, he looks at us, then looks again at the other customer] Do you want tubig or water?

Customer: [not realizing what he just said, answered seriously] I'll have a sarsi. [we laugh again amongst ourselves]

And we were just behind this lady laughing everytime he made smart remarks. Anyway, after eating, we wanted to go Amoeba earlier in SF but since we were in Fremont already, we opted to go to the one in Berkeley instead. At Raputin's, I bought 24 Hour Party People then we watched it at night. I suddenly became reminiscent of the SF music scene in the late 80's / early 90's. Remember Shaun Ryder, Happy Mondays, dear Bez and Kinky Afro? I didn't know he was crazy! And then I remembered the evolution of other bands that imitated them and the style. Was laughing at the loose shirts with long sleeves look coz that was the trend then. The rave culture, Manchester scene, Joy Division, The Factory, New Order, Blue Monday, post-modernism, Stone Roses, The Hacienda, Inspiral Carpets, fascism? Mentions and excerpts in the movie. This is the missing link that everybody ignores when it comes to the evolution of Alternative and Modern Rock in that time period, not just Nirvana who came later. Not just a jump from heavy metal to grunge like what ignorant MTV people seem to portray. Just thinking about MTV now pisses me off. Don't get me wrong, MTV used to be cool. Ever since reality TV took over and they started marketing the channel and videos by isolating good bands into an inaccessible MTV 2, it sucked. Long live Dave Kendall and 120 Minutes! Hehehe...


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