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Friday, March 26, 2004

Whale of a Tale

I was on the computer while Al was smokin' outside, when he decided to get some cheesecake in the kitchen, opened the kitchen TV, and watched the news on channel 7. He saw coverage of a whale stranded on the shores of Ocean Beach in SF. He yelled out to get ready, bring the cam and go. So I shut off the computer, charged the batteries a little bit, then we drove to Ocean Beach. We weren't sure where so we walked a distance until we saw some people walking away and a beach patrol car leaving the scene. We walked on the sand, walked closer and saw this baby whale (but it was huge) upside down. At first I could not see it since it was night time and all except when people took pictures with flashes on their cams, but good thing Al brought his heavy duty flash light so people can see. Now everyone had a better view of the whale. It had blood around his mouth. While the waves were moving towards the shore, blood went with it and we were running away from it. The whale was slightly turning too, and an awful stench was emitted. Camera crews suddenly came, giving us a better view since they have stronger lights. They interviewed a few people. This is the first time I saw a whale up close and on the shore. Such a sight. I just hope it was alive though...

Update: Watched the news last night and Al was in it, but his back was facing while he was approaching the whale at a foot's distance. We also saw the moving light from his flashlight on the whale. We passed by the beach the next morning while driving around SF and they were burying the poor whale already. A lot of kids and people watching. It took 2 tractors to bury the 30-feet baby grey whale. The Park Ranger had yellow tapes around the burial site. The whale was buried under the sand on the beach.


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