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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Baby Shower Party

We had to wake up early to go to Ab's baby shower party and help them out. Jep's friends, Rod and Liza and son Jayza slept over to help them out as well. We got there an hour early and everybody was busy preparing. I helped cut some frozen lumpia then we had to leave to pick up Liz's food that she ordered in Fremont. When we came back, I met Abs dad (Apo drummer) who is in the US for a US tour. Her lola was cooking lumpia too. And one of Jep's other friends with wife were there already too watching TV. Then we just hung out while Al was preparing the barbeque grill. We ate and ate and ate. More people came. I can't believe most of Jep's friends in high school are already married. I was teasing some of them that they look more matured. Kuya Jon anad Liz finally came with Mango Cake and Brandon's new motorcycle. Whoa! They opened gifts and sang some magic mic. Al got so drunk that I had to drive home. He was kinda freaking me out, hehe.


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