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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Black Saturday

This morning, Al borrowed the Cheaper by the Dozen DVD from our landlord. While we were watching it, Liz called and asked us if we wanted to go to the flea market in San Jose. We drove as quickly as we could. Walked around the flea market. They have good furniture (and the prices weren't so bad either). I might come back for some stuff. I just couldn't take the heat today. I think I got allergies. Al got skin allergies around his neck. It sucked! Then we ate lunch in Milpitas at Gold Ribbon. My first time there. And we couldn't eat meat until Easter. We went back to Ate Annabel's and Kuya Ed's and found the whole gang there. We were playing water balloons with the kids, some were biking, others were running. It was fun. Even the neighbors and their kids joined in. Then we all drove up to Tracy - all 4 vehicles. Highlight of the trip - this girl riding at the back of a motorcycle while her mini skirt was flying and we can all see her butt (looks like she was wearing a thong). It was hilarious. Anyway, at night, we (plus Liz, Nicole, Lara, Leanne and Ryan) went to the mall to watch The Prince and Me. It's okay, no biggie. Just your typical feel good love story.


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