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Saturday, April 17, 2004

David Bowie Concert

I can't believe it! I saw David Bowie live in concert! Wow, such a treat! We got good seats [lower balcony, row B, seats 10 & 11] since we could not afford the orchestra pit area. We had a great view though at Berkeley Community Theater. The Polyphonic Spree opened and they were great. We did see them last year at Slim's in SF. Al was so happy when they sang Light and Day. I was sad when they didn't sing Soldier Girl. The highlight of their performance was Oscar, the kid member of their group. I don't remember him when we saw the band the last time. Looks like a new addition, and a good choice too. He seemed he was five years old and was soooo adorable. He was jumping while playing the tamborine and barraccas (did I spell that wrong? hehehe). Anyway, the spotlight was on him a few times and the crowd went wild. A rock artist in the making...

Then the crowd went wild again when David Bowie came out with the band. He had an elaborate stage with laser light, animation on a big screen, and videos. I hope I can show you the video I took of the concert. The concert was worth it. He talked to the crowd, humoured us, entertained us. A little kid, about 7 yrs old, reached out to him to give him her drawing of her, and he zoomed it on his cam so the whole crowd can see it and the crowd was screaming/applauding. He was genuinely funny! And he is sooo cool! The concert was looong, really worth your money coz he sang classics. Al is such a big fan so he knew most of the songs. I only knew a few that I remember such as Rebel Rebel, Little China Girl, Man Who Sold The World, Under Pressure (which I loved coz the bassist lady, whom he called Sex in a Stick and replaced Freddie Mercury, had a really, really good voice), and Ziggy Stardust, his finale song. I was waiting for Modern Love but he didn't sing that which made me sad. That would really have made my day. Anyway, check out the pics of the concert:

David Bowie and the whole band.

David Bowie on stage.

David Bowie rockin' with his guitar.

David Bowie without his jacket.


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