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Friday, April 16, 2004

First Day of School Again!

I almost forgot about this blog. Sorry guys for the update delay. What did we do all week? We just went back and forth Tracy so Al can apply for jobs. We were looking for jobs here too. It's been difficult for us to look for one. We've had interviews and calls, but nothing definite. I have been hoping for certain companies but they ended up choosing another candidate. A lot of lay-offs lately as well. I was hoping for a web gig for Genentech but I haven't heard from them after they called 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, Google also called which I'm excited about, but I haven't heard from them yet. I was just glad Google called and my resume was actually forwarded to a department and not just tossed aside. I also got a web design gig for Aunt Lute Books which I am also excited about, but they will get back to me on their timeline. Al almost got a job when he was interviewed for ABX Engineering and they were down to two interviewees, but they chose the other person. Maybe he was white (oops, you didn't hear me say that).

So for the meantime, we've been watching a lot of TV, our favorite being The Apprentice with its finale yesterday. Bill won which was predictable, considering the fact that Omarosa wasn't on his team! I was rooting for Kwame but he did choose the b****! I guess we are getting hooked to reality TV because now we have a new show to watch, The Swan. When were not watching TV, sometimes we go to Tracy and apply for jobs, play basketball with the kids, talk on the phone with friends, and hang out in Fremont at ate Annabel's and play more with her kids. Later tonight, I am going to school. Not sure if I'm going though. I'm still thinking about it at a financial standpoint, although I really want to go. Last Wednesday, we missed the Metric free concert at Amoeba because we went with Liz and family at Target to help them shop for Camilla's baby shower gift. Too bad!


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