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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Job Offer

I cannot believe it! I got offered a job for one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world! It seemed far fetched to me at first but I guess I'm finally in! Woohoo! I just got interviewed this morning and already they called me this afternoon and offered me the job to be a part of their web production team! I hope I can deliver but when they described my job, it seemed fairly easy for me. I wasn't even scared at the interview. I was very confident. I guess I'm getting used to it. Anyway, I'm excited and thrilled. I might start next week. Also, an employer called Al for an interview tomorrow as well. I hope it goes well.

Around 2 pm, I met with my publisher to discuss a few exciting projects coming up. I am also their webmaster so she gave me a project of listing their products online since it took a whole year of compiling all of the information. But finally its done. I am excited to start on it too. She also discussed about the publishing of my book, the timeline, marketing and her plans. She was also asking me for an update on my illustrator. I am hoping everything will be done by the end of this month so that the production process can start right away. I need to follow up today.

Since we were in the area, Al wanted to pass by Goodwill in Westlake. Gosh, I am hating going there now coz everytime I go, I always buy stuff. They have a lot of good stuff. I bought a very nice black Prada bag/purse for $15 and a Kenneth Cole black leather sandal for $7 bucks! Al bought a tie for .99 cents for his interview tomorrow...I saw a check size Burberry wallet for $3 dollars which I wanted since it was cheap but I hesitated and controlled myself, hehehe. And also a nice pair of New Balance rubber shoes but the size was small for me (good thing or else I would have bought it too).


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