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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Mr. Karaoke

Yup, it's karaoke night! With your host, Mr. Dong! Just kidding. It's my friend's birthday today. We went after church to celebrate a little get together with friends and family. I had to wrap a little gift for him the last minute and I didn't really have any gift wrapper so I used some really nice brown resume paper which was a little thick. Then I improvised a little card. Hope he likes it coz its really useful. They had a lot of food, some care of Fiesta Filipina. The owners, and their daughter who were family friends, were there. Dong and I had a duet and Al sang along too on some songs with some hesitation, hehehe. I was embarrassed myself coz I don't really sing in public. And Dong's nephew did the cutest thing - he danced the otso otso! Looks tacky if an adult did it. But since he was a little kid, we were so entertained by a 6 year old who grew up here but speaks tagalog well. He speaks better than my nephew who just knows swear words, hehe. Anyway, I ate some kare-kare, dinuguan, relyenong bangus, spare ribs, pancit, bopis, lumpia, leche flan, fruit salad, coffee crunch cake, kutsinta, lumpia, lumpia, lumpia! And I brought some home too - yes, I'm kapal, haha! I took some pics too. And our friend May called too to greet him a happy birthday but she couldn't make it to the party. Too bad coz I haven't seen her for awhile. Anyway, I had so much fun. Too bad it was cut short coz it was getting late.


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