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Monday, April 05, 2004

The Sounds

Earlier today, we did our errands, got haircuts, and bought a box of empanada from Valerio's for our friend Mel's birthday. He was inviting us around 7 pm for a dinner party. But today is also the day we were gonna see Vue and The Sounds (we won free tix from Live105's Soundcheck). I only heard a single from each band, Pictures of Me by Vue and Living in America by The Sounds. I haven't heard the rest of their stuff. So I was excited to see them, as well as skeptical. It was free anyway. We showed up for the party early (we were the first ones) and then we left early too just when the first batch of visitors came in. Yup, we ate and ran (sorry guys!)... We went straight to Great American Music Hall (one of my favorite venues because it has good audio and architecture) and went to the box office to claim my tix. In a way, I had had this cheap thrill of telling them this: Hi, I'm on the guest list. Yeah, I've been waiting to tell them that especially on a good band's list. I am such a dork! Okay, so we got in, got a table since we were still early (I forgot to change my watch to reflect daylight savings time). Duh! We drank a litlle, chatted a little, and then the concert started. Vue is a local band and they are good but more of Al's style. I like bands with pop hooks, I guess. And when The Sounds came out, they rocked. Lead singer chic with an attitude rocked with her cigarette smokin' persona, leather jacket, tattoo on half of her right arm, full of love, energetic presence, and powerful voice. The keyboardist and the drummers were adorable. Everyone was very, very energetic. Even when the songs have an 80's synthesized sound pop hook, they sooo fukken rocked! I had a blast! One of the best concerts I've seen this year. Really worth my time and it's free! Great band, great venue, great songs, great crowd. Somefanatics got too crazy but climbing the stage and they got kicked off, hehehe...The band got me singin' S.O.U. - N.D.S! It was fun. After the concert, Al got the set list from the sound engr. He was lucky because a lot of people were already asking for it and the guy near the equipment was asian (special preference ya think?) We wanted to reach Mel's party (so Al could drink some more, hehe) but when we got there, people left already and the party was officially over. But it's cool... Check out our blurry concert pics:

The Sounds front woman.

On stage at Great American Music Hall.

Close up of The Sounds.


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