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Monday, May 24, 2004

Lake Tahoe

Last Saturday morning, my friend called me up to invite me and Al to a weekend retreat in Lake Tahoe. He owns a time share at Red Wolfe Lodge which is right next to the lake. We talked about it for a while and we decided to go last minute. Printed out directions from Yahoo! maps really quick, prepared our stuff and left. This is also our first time in Lake Tahoe and we were excited. Its been awhile since we went on vacation and we needed this getaway so much. Anyway, we passed by Stockton and Sacramento (my first time to see certain areas too like Elk Grove, Browns Valley and Marysville). We cooked brunch when we got there (some noodles and luncheon meat), walked to the lake, took a shower (the tub had a jacuzzi on it), met up with my friend's friends and family and went to Harrah's. We got treated to a nice buffet but I was too full to really enjoy it. Then we walked around the area near Heavenly, bought a nice necklace for my niece that had her name on it, window shopped at North Face and other small shops, took pictures and headed back in the casino/arcade. At night, we went swimming (I had to borrow my friend's shorts because I didn't bring one - totally forgot). Al was teaching me to swim and we also stayed in the hot jacuzzi. They also cooked dinner - rotisserie chicken, chinese salad, pizza, sushi - and we ate to our heart's content. They watched DVDs while we called it a day. Our bedroom was nice. The bed was soft and the pillows fluffy. It was quiet around us. A good vacation for us. Check out our pics:

Me and Karlel by Lake Tahoe.

Al and Dong in front of Heavenly Ski Resort.

Me and Al beside a big bicycle by a gift shop.


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Can we go back to Tahoe again, please...

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