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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Bridal Shower

I woke up late today because I got home around 4 am in the morning. Last night was Ab's bridal shower and Jep's bachelor party. So all the gals set out to go clubbin' if you know what I mean, wink, wink...All the guys were at the best man's place. Its funny coz their stripper didn't show up, hehe. The gals in the meantime had a great time! First it was chow time at Ab's place while she opened her gifts. I bought her a very sheer black lingerie and a bath and body lotion (so she'll smell so sweet at night, hehe). She got a couple more lingeries from friends. Kristine was joking about giving her whip cream, haha. Then we (all young married women - 2 Lizas, Feli, June, MJ, Abs, Ab's mom and myself) went to a club minus the kids. They were all sexy in black, ready for a night out in the city. I felt out of place, hehe. I cannot divulge the details but it was one experience I won't forget, hehehe. They partied like they were single! I, in the meantime, was a good girl. Didn't drink much coz I had to drive home with the kids. After the club closed, we went to best man Rod's place were the husbands ate, drank, chatted and watched a movie.


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