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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Car Accident

Yes, I had a major accident but I wasn't driving. We had the accident just right in front of the church, minutes away from the wedding. It was a major stress for us and we were in shock. Still shaken, I had to go ahead to the church as I was part of the entourage. Al told me he'll take care of everything and talk to the cops. The lady who bumped us was even screaming and arguing with us when all we wanted was her information which she wouldn't give. My theory is she didn't have insurance. In the church, I still can't stop thinking about how Al was or if he's in the hospital and all. Last time I left, he had a bump on the head, and wounds on his forehead and left arm. I was getting nervous because I didn't see him inside. The sad part was he was supposed to be the photographer of the event too. For the meantime, Jep got someone else to take pics. Al was hurting all over because of the impact. The wedding and christening went smoothly and I almost cried coz I can't believe my younger brother was married already! After the wedding, I feel like crying because I didn't know what to do with my car! I swear, most of the people I know who had accidents were driving a Honda. Coincidence? I think not! Just kidding...

Word of the day - Shoe Rack.

The left driver's side. Poor Al!

Another pic of my smashed car.


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