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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dear Diary

Nikki just mentioned to me last night that she wanted her own private diary (since I took out her privileges of writing on my blog). I wonder what she wanted to say, not that she needed this type of therapy, hehe. But I do know that when she's upset or mad, she used to write it on my blog! Anywayz, I am excited to see my family again today! Everyone is coming over for Jep's wedding - families from Washington, LA, Canada, Washington DC and Virginia! And of course, the little town of Tracy, hehe. We are all renting a hotel to be closer to the venue (to save some travel time and energy). I just came from Costco (on my lunch break from work and my good 'ol co-worker went with me) to buy soda for the gang. After work, we will be shopping for food. My grandma and uncle's family will be sleeping over in Tracy. The rest will be in hotels near the venue but I will be seeing them in the wedding. How exciting! Last night, Al even did my nails. He bought a manicure set and even put clear nail polish! Kuya Jon was watching and laughing while the kids kept teasing him that he's gay! I was just enjoying the pampering moment. Nikki and gang (called themselves the Flip Kids but I really couldn't explain to them why they should not use that term) have a surprise dance number. Jep's 'ol friends are also DJing the event (they used to spin for SF clubs then). And I'm glad to see all these people again after a long time. Too bad another friend of mine, Ed, was gonna celebrate his birthday and have a housewarming party at the same date as Jep's wedding. I wanted to see him too. Haven't seen him for a long time.


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