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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Got Privacy?

Okay, I have been a little cranky lately (just a little) because our door locks won't stay in our bedroom. So just imagine the fear of the kids barging in our room while we #@$&! And I slept at 3 am yesterday trying to clean out my laptop's hard drive because of so many bugs and pop-ups on my computer. The kids (who are patrons of and were always using it. I added a password feature to avoid future surfing without my presence (or knowledge). I have gotten all sorts of downloads on my laptop ever since I moved there. I had to reinstall Windows, download office and graphics software, reconfigure my outlook and internet settings, etc. And Al has been pissed lately because he wanted quality time with me and the kids were always buggin' us. We can't even sleep normal hours so we end up so sleepy when we go to work. Oh well...


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